We manufacture.

industrial oxygen gas

We supply industrial oxygen gas to all leading industrial producers in east uttar pradesh , bihar and nepal.

medical oxygen gas

life saving product , we cater to leading medical centres with non stop supply of affordable medical gases, working non stop 24 hours to ensure smooth supply.

dissolved acetylene gas

We are proud to present ourself as the only manufacturer of dissolved acetylene gas , in the area of Eastern U.P and connected area of bihar and nepal.

nitrogen gas

quality nitrogen gas at affordable prices , we cater to bulk and industrial customers.

liquid Nitrogen

liquid nitrogen has various uses.

We Trade in.

Gas Cylinders

We deal in all types of gas cylinders , different sizes and quality of cylinders is avaliable with us.

Calcium Carbide

We can supply bulk or retail carbide at competitive prices. we have stock of various companies and in different sizes.

gas and electric welding accessories spares and consumables.

complete range of industrial and technical goods can be found with us.

not only manufacturing but business at its best.

we, ensure that the best possible standards are maintained for the services we offer or the products we deal in.